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Whoop Connect is proud to introduce their Educational Technology Program to State University, Colleges and Community College Administrators within select states. Whoop Connect  is a licensed and associated technology company approved to provide the government benefits that are associated with The Emergency Broadband and the American Connectivity Plans.

Whoop Connect : helping increase government benefits with technology.

Nationwide, 34% of undergraduate students receive a Pell grant. The average Pell Grant award is $4,491.

51% of Pell Grant funds go to students whose families earn less than $20,000 annually – the largest majority.

- EducationData.Org

1. University Financial Aid, Guidance Dept., or assigned Student Mentors :

can send an email, text or a voicemail to all students re: the tablet benefit to current, full-time & part-time college students who are enrolled. Any and all students who currently were awarded a Federal Pell Grant are (automatically) Approved! 

2. The email will have a private, secure link

to an online form within our system for students (18 years old +) to complete which takes less than 4 minutes.


3. Whoop Connect will notify the Applicant (student) :

within 48-hrs on the status and the student's approval, when to expect the arrival of their tablet, charging cord, how to use instructions, and other information.

Email Us Today and request our Whoop Connect Presentation Deck for your School's Administrator TODAY!

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