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A guaranteed ROI, and a solid investment into the future- our children.


Superintendents and Principals,
we're here for you.

Students who participate and are currently enrolled in “Reduced or Free Lunch” Programs are automatically approved for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Superintendents. Principals. School Boards and Teachers, we're here to help...

Whoop Connect has a specialized, easy-to-qualify system in place to help every school administrator guide the student's parents through the process of acquiring a tablet of their own.

Nearly 47% of your student body
are automatically approved.

How many students in the US receive free or reduced lunch?

On average, the NSLP provided low-cost or free lunches to 29.6 million children each school day in fiscal year (FY) 2019, at a total cost of $14.2 billion. 

As of 2013, then, about 40 percent of American school-kids were low-income defined as
coming from families earning 200 percent or less of the poverty level. Given the strengthening economy, the number is probably closer to 35 percent by now.
Whoop Connect 
has an easy, 1-2-3 Step process to help educators reach-out to parents confidentially, and guide them to sign-up their children for the tablet benefit.​

1. The Information Desk or the Principal :
can send an email and a voicemail to all students re: the tablet benefit to current, full-time students who are enrolled in the reduced or free lunch programs.


2. The email will have a private, secure link to an online form

within our system for parents to complete in less than 4 minutes.

3. Whoop Connect will notify the parent within 48-hrs:

of their student's approval, and when to expect the arrival of their tablet, charging cord, how to use instructions, and other information.

Email Us Today and request our Whoop Connect Presentation Deck for your School's Administrator, Principal, or District's Superintendent TODAY!

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